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The world of Online Betting and Casinos always scared me, but many thanks to Rights Base for shunning away all my fears, and equipping me with all the right knowledge and information, that have helped me a great deal in this regard.

Archie Norris

I was never really interested in online betting and casinos as such, but after I came to know about Rights Base from a colleague, I started taking interest in the area, and now I have almost become an expert in this field, all thanks to Rights Base!

Jake Shaw

Rights Base is one of the few websites, which provides real time, accurate and updated information of Online Sports Betting, as a contrast to other sites which are focused towards displaying paid reviews and ratings. 

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There is no dearth of casino and gambling guides on the internet, but we take pride in being UK’s most reliable guide on online gambling and casinos, with widely known acumen and expertise.Rights Base provides you with information on a large number of well-reviewed web-based online casinos, downloadable casino games, virtual casino games as well as live dealer casino games. Subscribe to our weekly newspaper for our latest deals and offers today!

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  • Although the first ever completely functional gambling software was developed by the well known company Microgaming, the origin of legitimate online gambling dates back to 1994 when the Free trade and processing act was passed and there was a lot of primary emphasis laid upon fair play and safety of transactions.
  • Till date, the concept of online gambling remains shrouded by several misconceptions but the fact remains that it is only a matter of conducting ample research in order to adjudge which online casinos and gambling sites offer you the best experience along with assuring all players a high level of credibility and integrity of the game.
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In today’s world of information boom everywhere around you, it is best that you put in your money wisely after lapping up all the adequate information, rather than opting for unreliable and unverified gambling sites. Get the updated list of fully reviewed casinos to play at, prepared exclusively to cater to your needs. Not only do we provide you with the latest reviews and ratings of online casinos, we also have a vast amount of experience and expertise in the field of conventional casinos across the world, and all our privileged clients can have a look at these reviews, in order to make a fair and unbiased judgment on which casino they would like to play at for a wide variety of gambling options, opportunities and eventually see to it that the game is not biased or pre-set in any way.

The present digital age where an ever- increasing number of smartphones and tablets have conquered the world today, and are soon to completely replace desktop browsing, mobile casino games are becoming the rage of the day. This is why Rights Base wants to ensure that you have the best gambling experience on your mobile phone as well. This includes a number of mobile scratch cards, mobile slots as well as mobile live dealer games, each one of them exclusively synchronized, organized and compiled for you on your mobile phone by our Mobile Casino Experts. In order to find out more about our mobile casino games, please feel free to give us a call, or drop us an email and we will get back to you with all the details instantly!